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There are four most ancient Vedas of Indian Knowledge wisdom & culture. These are the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samveda & the Arthveda. Ayurveda emerged as a branch of Arthveda. The oldest known texts on Ayurveda are the "Charak Samhita" & "Sushruta Samhita". It dates back to over five thousand years & is one of the world's oldest & most complete system of natural healing.

Ayurveda, is the art of living in harmony with nature. The term Ayurveda is taken from the Sanskrit word Ayur , meaning life or lifespan. The word Ayur literally means life and veda, the science or knowledge. Ayurveda is defined as a combination of body, senses ,mind & spirit. It is said a body without the senses , mind , & spirit is Lifeless. In classical Sanskrit litrature, Ayurveda was called "the science of eight components", a classification that became canonical for Ayurveda.

* General medicine Kaya Chikitsa: "cure of diseases affecting the body"

* Pediatrics Kaumara-Bhrtya: "treatment of children"

* Surgery Shalya-Chikitsa: "removal of any substance which has entered the body (as extraction of darts, of splinters, etc.)"

* Ophthalmology/ENT/Dentistry Salakya-tantra: "cure of diseases of the teeth, eye or ear etc. by sharp instruments"

* Demonology/ Exorcism/ Psychiatry Vidya: "treatment of mental diseases"

* (Toxicology)- Agada- tantra:Gada means Poison. "doctrine of antidotes"

* Anti Agings Rasayana-tantra: "doctrine of Rasayana "

* Aphrodisiacs Vajikarana tantra

Immune System

Ayurveda tells how our lives can be influenced, shaped, extended & ultimately controlled without interference from sickness or old age.

The Guiding line : 'Swasthasja Swasthya Rakshnam' the main aim of Ayurveda is to increase the resistance power of human being by using of herbal medicine to fight against infections.

Core Principles

The main aim of Ayurveda is not only "Cure of Disease" but also to maintain health of human being.

The Guiding Principles : Principle of Ayurveda is that the mind makes the deepest influence on the body. Maintaining health is based of the equilibrium of these Doshas. Sharirik Doshas Vata , Pitta , Kapha Mansik Doshas Satva , Raja , Tama


While defining health. It is said that one having equilibrium of Digestine & Metabolic enzymes with proper functioning of Tissues & metabolic by products & excretions & also possesing heppiness of spirit senses & the mind is healthy.

Thus Ayurveda treats a person as a whole & not solely his disease.

Health chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. As per ancient Hindu beliefs, Chakras are circular energy vortexes in the body,

which spin like a wheel. The chakra symbol offers a wealth of meaning and lessons which we can apply to all aspects of our lives.

Living Healthy :
From the ayurvedic point of view good health is about your whole way of life being rejuvenating and beneficial to yourself and the world around you.

* Pure Air few things are healthier than having pure air to breathe

* Pure Water Delicious drinking water of the highest quality that can actually enter your cells.

* Pure Food The PURE Food Standard is where REAL health and wellness lies. PURE foods are health giving and nutrient dense.

* Balanced Digestion lifestyle choices and circumstances that affect the balance between beneficial bacteria and bad bacteria.

* A strong heart and balanced emotions Achieve balance emotionally to ensure the best heart health.

* Avoidance of negative avoidance interferes with reappraisals of negative thought Eating disorders.

* Protection Health is more than the absence of disease. To stay healthy, you need to make good choices and take steps to protect.