Oxisun Capsules

A Natural Antioxident & Cell Protector
Limits oxidative damage in the body & delays aging , Builds Immunity (Immunomodulator) , Retards disease Progression & hastens recovery , Boosts physical & mental performance , Overcome mental stress & maintains enthusiasm , Exerts Anti-oxidant effect, Improves Conception rate , Important in protecting against human diseases , decreases risk of coronary heart disease

Helps as Cell Protector

Indications :

  • Oxidative stress

  • Prolongs Illness

  • Primary Infertility

  • Anti-Oxidant

  • After Surgical Procedure

  • Immunomodulator

Composition :

*- Punernava 60mg
Boerthavia Diffusa Linn Effectively treats urinary tract infections and helps tone the urinary system.It supports the functioning of heart,liver,kidneys..

*- Giloy 80mg
Tinospuora cordifolia Especially it works as anti Pyretic. It is useful in skin dieseases & Urinery tract infections.

*- Amlaki 60mg
Emblica Officinalis Its actions are craminative, Nervinetonic, Antileprotic. It is also uses in Anorexia, Cough & Asthma

*- Mulethi 80mg
Giycyrrhiza Glabra Its traditional uses include treating peptic ulcers, asthma, Epilepsy, abdominal pain, and General debelity ..

*- Brahmi 60mg
Centella Asiatica Especially it works as Brain Tonic, Expectorant, Anti Pyretic, Anti leprotic .

*- Bhrangraj 60mg
Eclipta Alba It Effectively treats Liver Disorders. It is also usefull in eye disease, skin disease & Alopacia

*- Haridra 50mg
Curcuma Longa Linn It is also usefull in eye disease, skin disease, Liver Disorder & also useful in cold & cough.

*- Dalchini 50mg
CCinnamomnm It works as Digestive, Anti septic, Pain Killer, & also useful in cough, cold and cancer.

  • Safe Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

  • Dosage :1-2 Capsules Twice daily

  • Mfg by :Sunlife Pharmaceuticals